“New Technology 50 years in the future”


Establishing shot: robotic heart/organs developed at tech show
● Sick people wait in line for transplants
● Surgery replacing old organs with new
● They came out surgery with new life
● Procedures become more advanced
● People walk around with decorative modifications
● New brain unveiled available to public
● Images of people downloading memories into new brains and bodies
● One person opens their eyes with the ability to explore all aspects of the universe
● He/she creates his her own world within their mind. Images of building and destroying
the world
● Finally the person creates their own simulation of earth. Zoom down to see a world
exactly the same as their own. They see themselves attached to the robot brain being
● They pull the plug of their simulated self
● Cut to black (Woahh)

Original story by Tristan Marx, board art by Nolawi Wolde-Yohannes.



“P-22 is the lone male mountain lion who lives in Griffith Park. One night in 2016, P-22 sneaks into the Los Angeles Zoo and makes an easy kill of a koala in its enclosure. As P-22 carries its dinner back out of the zoo, he passes other big cats in their enclosures–well-fed, docile and captive. Disturbed by what he sees, P-22 drops the koala and flees the zoo forever, returning to hunt mule deer and squirrels instead in the wilds of Griffith Park.” 

Original story by Stephen Lee, images by Daniel Schrader.

Eli y la pintura de pesadilla

“In a South American Swat market, Eli is in a strange gypsy shop. He buys a strange picture which shows a cave of a wild animal. A large dark animal which has an animal skull head. Eli rides his bike home across the culturally lush landscape of his town. He climbs up to his house which sits above two others. He hangs the picture, then notices a detail about it. The animal, though the pictures dark, wears pants and perhaps a hat, just like his. Then in the painting appears a picture frame with his room as the setting. The painting sits outside on the curb, seemingly back to its original state. But, now the animal has the shape of eli, sitting and looking into the distance. The gypsy he bought it from picks it up off the curb.”

Original story by Daniel Schrader, art by Stephen Lee.