Eli y la pintura de pesadilla

“In a South American Swat market, Eli is in a strange gypsy shop. He buys a strange picture which shows a cave of a wild animal. A large dark animal which has an animal skull head. Eli rides his bike home across the culturally lush landscape of his town. He climbs up to his house which sits above two others. He hangs the picture, then notices a detail about it. The animal, though the pictures dark, wears pants and perhaps a hat, just like his. Then in the painting appears a picture frame with his room as the setting. The painting sits outside on the curb, seemingly back to its original state. But, now the animal has the shape of eli, sitting and looking into the distance. The gypsy he bought it from picks it up off the curb.”

Original story by Daniel Schrader, art by Stephen Lee.









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